Code of Conduct

1 Dance floor etiquette.

We can all help creating a good mood and a good experience for everyone.

2 Respect others.

Do not criticise.

Do not instruct or try to correct your partner on the social dancefloor unless you have been specifically asked for feedback.

3 There is room for everybody on the dancefloor and in classes.

We welcome all dancers regardless of sex, sexual identification and orientation, ethnicity, age, handicaps or religion and our language and behaviour reflects this.

4 We take care of each other.

Everybody is different and have different boundaries.  If somebody feels uncomfortable you must respect that person’s personal boundaries.

If your feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, contact one of the arrangers of the event. If you see somebody who seems to be uncomfortable, ask if they are ok or need support/help.

5 You can say no to a dance – and be ok if someone thanks no to you.

No means no and you do not need to explain your no – you can also stop a dance at any time if you do not want to continue dancing.

If somebody says ‘no thank you’ to a dance – respect this. You can ask someone else to dance.

It is common custom in Scandinavian Swing circles to dance two dances, but nothing mandates you to two dances.

6 Dance safely.

Be aware when you dance – both of your partner and those dancing around you.

Avoid collisions with other dancers on the dancefloor. Should you accidentally hit someone or tread on toes – do not forget to apologise.