Next round of classes will start on October 22nd.

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We have regular weekly classes in Balboa on Tuesdays and we are teaching in three levels.

Beginner (Level 1)

The beginner level is for you, if you have just taken the beginners workshop (you can start on level 1 even though you haven’t participated in our beginners workshop). Friendly and competent teachers will help you get a firmer grip on the basic steps and figures, as well as getting to know the music.

Intermediate (Level 2)

If you have taken Balboa classes before and you already know the basic steps, this level is for you. On the intermediate level you will get a broader range of steps and a more polished technique.

You need the teachers approval to go from level 1 to level 2.

Intermediate/Advanced (Level 3)

If you have been dancing for a while, and master the basic techniques all the way down in your toes, then you are in for a treat on this level.
You need the teachers approval to go from level 2 to level 3.


Level 1 starts 18.45-20.00

Level 2 starts 18.45-20.00

Level 3 starts 20.45-22.00


The teachers for this round will be:

Level 1: Birita and Kristian

Level 2: Lara and Dominik

Level 3: Nina and Ulrik (first 4 classes) and Kasia and Jon (last 4 classes)

Eight classes for 500 kr. (400 kr. for students, unemployed and senior citizens).
 (the price does not include the 100 kr. membership fee for 2019).

See you on the dance floor.
/Ministry of Balboa