Beginners Workshop  March  9th . feb06


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Beginners Workshop March 9th .

Why not start dancing Balboa in 2020 

Balboa beginners workshop – Monday March 9th 2020 from 18.00 to 20.00.

You will get an introduction to one of the original swing dances. Sign up here. 

If you like to try out Balboa, you can come to Globen on February 28th, there will be an one hour introduction, open for all and free 😉

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Balboa Swing from scratch, this is your chance. Our great teachers will be dedicating the entire workshop to teaching Balboa from the very beginning.

This intensive workshop is for both pure beginners and experienced Lindy Hop dancers, so don’t be afraid to SIGN UP.

The workshop is designed to build your Balboa skills from scratch and everyone, even experienced dancers, to absolute new beginners will feel confident with the level of teaching.

After these classes you will be comfortable with dancing the basics of Balboa and you will be ready for the regular classes on Tuesdays. Read more about the regular classes.

Fyi it’s not a requirement that you participate in our beginners workshop to start in our classes at level 1 but we recommend this.